I. Organization of the Contest

La Poste, a French limited company (société anonyme) with a share capital of €3,800,000,000, registered with the Paris Registry of Trade and Companies (RCS) under No. 356000000 and headquartered at 9 rue du Colonel Pierre Avia, 75015 Paris, France, is organizing, from 15 September 2016 (10:00 AM Paris time) to 4 December 2016 (midnight Paris time), a Contest referred to as the "Service Design Prize" (French: Prix pour le Design de Service), rewarding the creations of innovative scenarios, whose theme is "La Banque Postale of the Future" (French: La Banque Postale de demain). This Contest, hereinafter referred to as “the Contest”, is organized in partnership with the International Design Biennial gathering of Saint Etienne (French: Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Etienne).

II. The Candidates

This Service Design Prize is open to any physical and adult individuals of French or foreign nationality.
Participants may enroll alone or as part of a team (maximum capacity: 4 participants).

Each participant (whether individual or group) may only issue one application for the entire duration of the Contest.

The accumulation of several applications (whether individual or collective) is not authorized. In the event of such an accumulation of applications, none of the latter shall be considered.

La Poste reserves the right to proceed – by any means of verification necessary – to the respect of the present article, as well as this entire regulation, notably the accuracy of information contained in the participant deliverables. Any identification that is false, incomplete, erroneous or performed in a form other than that specified, shall be considered null and void.

No La Poste agent or employee of the Cité du design is authorized to enter the Contest.

III. Participation

Contest entries are exclusively performed online at the following address www.prixdudesigndeservice-legroupelaposte.fr. Candidates complete a form and upload their works on the Contest website before 4 December 2016 at midnight for the first round. In the event of selection for the second round, candidates have until 31 January 2017 (midnight, Paris time) to send their edited and updated forms.

Past these dates, no application can be registered, nor can any downloaded document be modified.

A confirmation email shall then be sent within 24 hours to the project initiators.

IV. Deliverable Content

The application deliverable shall contain the following elements:

The Jury will be paying specific attention to the clarity and readability of projects.

All content relating to the deliverable must be uploaded on the dedicated space on the www.prixdudesigndeservice-legroupelaposte.fr website before 4 December 2016 at midnight. Once downloaded, it cannot be modified

V. The Jury

The Jury comprises international and external individuals of Le Groupe La Poste, under the presidency of Alice Holzman, Digital Communications Director of La Banque Postale. It will gather in February 2017 to select the three winners among the short-listed finalists, and to award the prize for the best foreign project.

The Jury is sovereign. It has no obligations to justify its decisions and is free to not award all prizes if necessary. Its decisions are not subject to appeal.

VI. Public Prize

In parallel to the Jury’s vote, short-listed finalists will be submitted to greater public votes. These votes will be performed exclusively online on the Contest’s Facebook page between 13 February 2017 and 12 March 2017 at midnight, Paris time.

The Public Prize will reward the project that obtains the most votes on the Contest Facebook page. It can reward a project that has already been rewarded by the Jury.

VII. Foreign Project Prize

The Foreign Project Prize is awarded by the Jury. Is it deemed the best “foreign project”, meaning a project whose initiators are of a nationality other than French. In the event of a project presented by an international team that includes French nationals, the project will be deemed “foreign” if over half of the candidates are foreign.

The Foreign Project Prize can reward a project that has already been rewarded by the Jury and/or public.

VIII. Selection Criteria

Forms that do not comply with the conditions laid down in this present agreement shall not be considered.

Projects examined and assessed by the Jury should:


IX. Presentation of Prizes

The presentation of prizes and official announcement of winning names will take place on 20 March 2017 in Saint-Étienne, at the occasion of a ceremony, the International Design Biennial Meeting of Saint Etienne.

The winners undertake to be present at the said ceremony, or to have someone represent them.

The date of the presentation of prizes can be modified at the discretion of Le Groupe La Poste, without however involving postponement or advancement of deliverable submission deadlines.

Expenses related to the mobility and accommodation of finalists (or of the referent participant in the event of collective applications) for the award of prizes shall be reimbursed by La Poste, on presentation of written proof and in the limit of €200 including taxes per project. Should the issue of mobility concern members belonging to a same team, compensation shall remain limited to €200 including taxes. Meal costs are borne by the finalists.

X. Prize Rewards

The three project winners to be designated by the Jury shall receive the following rewards:

The project to win the Public Prize shall be awarded the sum of €1,000 including taxes.
The project to win the Foreign Project Prize shall be awarded the sum of €1,000 including taxes.

In the event of an application comprising several participants, the amount of the award will be divided by the number of participants registered on the application.
Hence, all participants will be awarded identical sums.

Rewards are given in the form of a bank cheque payable to the winner(s) exclusively.

XI. Experimentation of Proposals

The project to be granted the 1st prize will undergo hands-on experimentation by La Poste and La Banque Postale. The project initiator(s) will be invited to participate in this experimentation. Should they refuse, Le Groupe La Poste may perform the experimentation without the project initiator(s).

XII. Intellectual Property Rights

  1. All candidates declare to be the authors of their own projects and, to the best of their knowledge, assert that the content is original.

    All candidates remain the owners of their own projects.

    By enrolling in the Service Design Prize, they authorize La Poste to use their names and image within the framework of communications relating to the Contest for a duration of 2 years.

    All candidates grant La Poste the free copyright, representation and adaptation rights of all or part of their projects, via all possible mediums (electronic – internet and intranet websites of La Poste, paper format – magazines, newspapers, multimedia…) in an unlimited number of copies, for internal or external communications aiming the entire world and for a duration of 2 years.

    The author shall hold La Poste harmless against any third-party claims.
  2. Finalists grant La Poste, for a duration starting at the date of prize delivery, the free, international copyright, representation and adaptation rights over their projects.
    It is expressly agreed that La Poste will be able to grant these rights to La Banque Postale for the same duration.
    This grant shall only be performed for purposes of experimentation as stated in Article XII.
  3. Finalists agree that La Poste shall be the owner in the event of project exploitation. In such a case, and providing that La Poste is interested in a project, a contract shall be signed between the author and La Poste. In the opposite case, authors shall remain free to propose their projects to third parties.

XIII. Liabilities

La Poste reserves the right – at any moment and without any prior information sent to candidates – cancel the Contest, shorten it, prolong it, report it or modify its terms, notably in the event of force majeure or unforeseeable circumstances, a malfunction due to a computer virus, technical failure, a bug, an external and unauthorized intervention on or intrusion of the computer system, fraud, intended fraud including use of a robot enabling the multiplication of Contest votes, or in the case of an event that is independent from the will of La Poste that may affect or jeopardize the good management, safety and equity of the Contest enrolment procedure and/or determination of finalists. Furthermore, as a result of this, the liability of La Poste will not be engaged.
Any attempt, by candidates, to bring damage to the www.prixdudesigndeservice-legroupelaposte.fr website, or sabotage the legitimate operation of the Contest, may constitute a violation of the French penal and civil codes. Should such acts be committed, La Poste reserves the right to claim any damages or interests from the concerned candidates, to the extent permitted by law.

XIV. Disclosure Authorization

In participating in the Service Design Prize, candidates agree that their projects may be subject to the internal and external communication of La Poste and the Cité du design, within the framework of the Service Design price, no matter the media used. Participants grant La Poste and the Cité du design the right to quote the selected projects in press articles and releases, promotional documents or brochures, and to showcase them to support the communication campaigns, as long as their names are referenced for a period of 5 years, without being paid for it, not having any right or benefit other than the award of the prize. These terms apply in particular to the online presentation of the Service Design Prize website. To these ends, La Poste and the Cité du design shall be in a position to perform any copy, graphic representation or photograph of the selected and rewarded projects along with their authors, providing that their name and occupation be specified.

XV. Data Protection and Freedom of Information

Pursuant to the amended French Act No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 relating to information technology, data files and civil liberties, personal data collected from participants as part of the present Contest is mandatory for candidates to enroll.

Personal data is processed and is under the responsibility of La Poste – Prix pour le service du Design – Direction de la communication – Direction de la marque – CP B711 – 9 rue du Colonel Pierre Avia – 75015 Paris, France, to which the candidates agree.
The latter shall be granted rights by La Poste – Prix pour le design de service – Direction de la communication – Direction de la marque – CP B711 – 9 rue du Colonel Pierre Avia – 75 015 Paris, France, including the right to obtain their data and to request, if need be, its rectification.
Candidates may also, for legitimate purposes, oppose to the processing of data that concerns them.

XVI. Regulations and Litigations

La Poste reserves the right to reject any application that should contain incorrect or misleading claims.
The present terms and conditions are submitted to French law. In the event of litigation, and no matter the nationality of the candidates, the French courts under the jurisdiction of the Paris court of appeal shall be exclusively competent.
The present rules are filed with Maître Marie-Josèphe Bouvet, judicial officer, 354 rue Saint Honoré, 75008 Paris, France.